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Llanberis is a collection of images taken over a two-year period at Dinorwig Quarries, located in Snowdonia, North Wales UK. At its peak in 1898, 3110 men were employed to produced slates mainly for roofing. Conditions were appalling, with pittance wages, many accidents and health effects of slate dust. Each level of the quarry had a tramway system, the upper workshops and cutting sheds and at the lower levels basic housing. In 1969 the last 350 workers were laid off, image COATS depicts the tea room of the last shift. In the eighties the quarry experienced a popularity of slate climbing, offering serious challenge. Each area of the quarry has earned a name, included are TRANGO TOWER, DALES HOLE, and CALIFORNIA ARETE, some taken from the quarrymen’s vocabulary, others a more flourishing title from the climbers themselves.
The images set out to represents the areas functional transformation from its original use to that of the climbing experience.
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